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Howdy! My name is Dylan. This blog details everything I have learnt about environment protection and green energy. I became interested in this topic a couple of years ago when I purchased an old house. The land around the house had been contaminated so I called in an environmental contractor to clean the land up. While they were on the property, I asked their advice about installing solar panels and other green energy solutions on my home. The contractors gave me some great advice and I learnt a lot. Since then, I have continued my education by borrowing books from the local library.



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Key Stages of Bore Water Construction

Bore water comes from aquifers, commonly referred to as underground wells. Aquifers are perhaps the most convenient water source because they can last a very long time, especially in wet regions. The reason is that rainfall replenishes aquifers. Besides, bore water is very affordable if you consider that most of the cost goes to the drilling process and borehole maintenance. Therefore, bore water is better than municipal water for homeowners and business owners. However, if you want to drill a borehole on your property and enjoy the benefits, you must hire a contractor. Notably, most experienced contractors drill boreholes in three major stages. Read on to find out.

Site Inspection by a Hydrogeologist

The first and most crucial step in bore water drilling is site inspection by a hydrogeologist. The technician examines and tests the soil to determine the geophysical properties of a site. The information is helpful since it helps hydrogeologists find the best location for a viable aquifer. Thus, a hydrogeologist acts as a consultant since they guide a drilling crew on where to start drilling. Without a hydrogeologist, drilling would take a long time since contractors would be breaking ground blindly. Furthermore, a hydrogeologist helps a drilling crew avoid underground structures and utilities such as gas lines. Therefore, anyone seeking the services of a bore water drilling contractor should only hire a firm whose team includes a hydrogeologist.


Once a hydrogeologist establishes the right location for a borehole, drilling starts immediately. A site's ground properties determine the type of drilling tools a contractor should use and the project's duration. For instance, areas with deep topsoil and high-water table have less bedrock; hence, they are easy to drill. Drilling on such sites takes a short time and requires standard ground drilling augers. On the other hand, sites with a deep water table increase the chances of encountering the bedrock, requiring diamond drill bits to cut through the rock. Once a contractor reaches an aquifer, they must determine its yield.

Determining Borehole Yield and Construction

The final step is determining a borehole's yield. The last thing you want is to construct a borehole on an aquifer that will run dry over the next two or three years. Therefore, a hydrogeologist must perform an aquifer test to determine a well's yield. Construction of a borehole only proceeds once a hydrogeologist analyses a borehole yield test report. A positive yield test indicates a balance between the water pumped out and the water replenished by the surrounding groundwater sources. Notably, a positive report is followed by borehole construction.

If you're interested in bore water drilling, reach out to a professional near you.