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Improving Your Home and the Environment

Howdy! My name is Dylan. This blog details everything I have learnt about environment protection and green energy. I became interested in this topic a couple of years ago when I purchased an old house. The land around the house had been contaminated so I called in an environmental contractor to clean the land up. While they were on the property, I asked their advice about installing solar panels and other green energy solutions on my home. The contractors gave me some great advice and I learnt a lot. Since then, I have continued my education by borrowing books from the local library.



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Should You Be Worried about the Trees in Your Back Garden?

Trees are one of nature's magnificent creations. Without them, the human race couldn't survive, as trees provide so much of the oxygen that people breathe. In addition, they certainly add a lot to the aesthetic appeal of any property and people often choose to buy a new home with mature trees in the garden. However, sometimes you need to be concerned about these trees and their specific location and may need to be worried about potential damage. What should you be thinking about?

Why Trees Are Mostly Good

Ordinarily, you should take every care to protect trees that are within your boundaries. In addition to their overall contribution to humanity, they can help to shade your home, which will in turn keep your utility bills down.

Aggressive Roots

The issue arises when any trees are fairly close to the home itself. Some tree species will need a lot of room underneath the ground to grow and prosper, and they can in turn create a very aggressive root structure.

When you have species that are near to your property, damage can be caused to the building foundation by these root structures. It's also possible that boundary walls or paths in the garden could be lifted up, no matter where the tree is situated, but there again that is much less of an issue than damage to the building itself.

Water Seeking

On the other hand, some species need a great deal of moisture and will be on the lookout for that. This means that they could impact underground installations or actually break through sewer pipes in the constant thirst for water.

If you have water-seeking trees within your property, then their root system is likely to make a beeline for any paved area that you have. This is because the soil underneath the pavement will tend to be cooler and retain moisture. The paved area reflects the sun's heat, whereas ordinary soil will absorb it and dry out. If you don't have any nearby pavement, then the roots will invariably grow until they locate water or sewer pipes, which tend to have moisture on the outside of them.

Which Trees to Watch out for?

Weeping Willows and Black Poplars are known to require a significant amount of moisture if they are to thrive. If you have any of these, watch out for your underground piping. Ornamental Figs or Rubber trees are also very aggressive when it comes to their subterranean root systems. If they are far away from the property, they may be okay, otherwise you might need to consider removing them.

Are You at Risk?

Have a word with a qualified arborist or tree removal specialist, to see what threats (if any) the trees on your property may pose.